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Protect Your Goods with Best Anti-theft Systems in Saudi Arabia

Shoplifting or shrinkage is a common problem faced by retailers, and it is one of the main reasons for business losses. Protecting the products you sell is an inevitable step that you should take when you start a business or enterprise. Securing your merchandise from theft should be considered vital if you intend to build your business. Sensormatic anti-theft systems are the ideal way to keep your belongings safe against theft and illegal access.

Investing in an anti-theft system is not a luxury; it is a necessity. As the name implies, the anti-theft system deters theft by notifying shop employees. It works by combining smart sensors and intelligent technologies to prevent theft or unwanted access. When a theft occurs, these devices immediately sound an alert or warn the user. It also includes critical information on when, where, and how the theft occurred.

Sensormatic: The Best Anti-Theft System for Your Shop in Saudi Arabia

Sensormatic is a renowned brand that provides best-in-class anti-theft systems for a wide range of sectors, assisting shops in protecting their products. Sensormatic anti-theft systems are the ideal choice for keeping your merchandise safe while also increasing sales by creating a pleasant and safe shopping environment for customers. These anti-theft devices are suitable for all kinds of product categories. Sensormatic anti-theft systems are the ideal safety for all items, including hardware, clothing, groceries, and cosmetics.

What makes Sensormatic Anti-theft Systems Unique?

Sensormatic anti-theft systems have been popular in a variety of industries for more than 60 years. If you want to protect your merchandise with the Sensormatic solution, here are some of the key features that set Sensormatic apart from other brands.

  • Offering world’s best anti-theft systems for over 60 years
  • Solutions for all kinds of products
  • Worked by innovative technologies
  • Fit with all your needs and budgets
  • They are easy to apply.
  • There are a variety of options for every retailer
  • Enables smart, frictionless, connected shopper engagement
  • INFOMEKSA: The Best Place to Buy Sensormatic Anti-theft Systems in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

    If you want to create a secure environment for your shop's merchandise and customers, get Sensormatic anti-theft systems from InfomeKSA, the top supplier of anti-theft systems in Saudi Arabia. More than just a supplier, we are the authorized partner of Sensormatic. As a result, we can assure you that you will receive high-quality anti-theft systems, including the best Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, at the best prices available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Our extensive industry experience makes us superior in supplying top-tier anti-theft systems in Saudi Arabia. We understand and recognize the importance of security in your retail shop, which is why we offer the best anti-theft system at the best price to keep your products safe at all times.

    As InfomeKSA is the leading distributor of Sensormatic anti-theft systems in Saudi Arabia, we have a wide collection of security products to offer you. Discover our wide range of Sensormatic anti-theft systems.

  • Eas Detection System/ Anti-theft System Gate
  • AM/RF Hard Tags
  • Hard Tag Detacher
  • AM/RF DR Labels / Soft Tags
  • Labels Deactivator

    Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gates are the best tools that provide maximum security coverage for all shops. These anti-theft system gates are placed at the entry of shops to prevent theft and shoplifting. When protected merchandise passes through the entry, these anti-theft system gates alert shop employees by raising an alarm. EAS gate systems are best to ensure safety in retail shops. As a leading supplier of anti-theft systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, InfomeKSA offers the best Sensormatic EAS gates at the best price in Saudi Arabia.


    Manage your inventories in a secure way with Sensormatic AM/RF hard tags. You can get peace of mind while Sensormatic hard tags work to maintain security in your shop. These AM (Acousto-Magnetic) / RF (Radio Frequency) hard tags are attached to the products, which can be detached at the POS. They help prevent theft by alerting storekeepers when someone leaves the shop without removing or deactivating the hard tags attached to them. InfomeKSA offers you the best Sensormatic AM/RF hard tags at the best price in Saudi Arabia. Being the leader among Sensormatic anti-theft system suppliers, we have a wide variety of AM/RF hard tags offered at the most affordable prices.


    The hard tag detacher is a device that removes security tags from products. It features a locking mechanism built exclusively for unlocking AM/RF security tags. The hard tag detacher removes security tags rapidly, providing for a smooth checkout experience while preserving a safe and secure environment. We offer high-quality sensormatic hard tag detachers at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.


    AM/RF DR labels, often known as Soft Tags, are excellent deterrents to stealing and theft. They are attached to products in the business and have a detection mechanism that will sound an alert if someone leaves without removing or deactivating them. InfomeKSA offers the best Sensormatic AM/RF DR labels in Saudi Arabia, to keep your facilities safe and prevent burglars from gaining access.


    Label deactivators are used to remove or deactivate labels attached to the goods at the point of sale, with which you can assure the utmost security at your store. The cashier or store associate deactivates labels affixed to the products during the time of billing with label deactivators. If the security labels are not detached, there will trigger an alarm at the entry and thus identify the theft. InfomeKSA is the right place to buy Sensormatic label deactivators in Saudi Arabia. If you are confused about which type of security device you need for your business in Saudi Arabia, we have an expert team to help you choose the best anti-theft systems in Saudi Arabia. Contact us today to get the best support and the best ever anti-theft systems at the best price.